Today Blessed? YES! Meet Fellow Flower Twirler Carla Bassi of Che Bella


Breathtaking. Amorous. Relevant. Che Bella - how beautiful - is the work of esteemed floral artists Carla and Jim Bassi. Creating custom botanical design that sings to the hearts and minds of their customers has proudly directed their work for over 10 years.

Carla and Jim bring thought and meaning to every aspect of their professional play. “We pay homage to the history of giving flowers,” explained Carla. “Our passion comes from the unique story that each customer brings to the intention of their purchase.” This edict, married with a deep understanding of horticulture and the medium with which they work, yields creations that are not only stunning in entirety but transform the environment in which they’re housed.

A customer of Che Bella is able to ask and s/he will receive. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one that expresses celebration or sympathy, or a piece for a work environment that visually interprets the mission of a company, Carla and Jim don’t disappoint. They’re excited to share beautiful creations for purchase at the LVCreative popUP Shop, and hope this opportunity facilitates the opportunity to establish new friendships.