It happened again...

A wedding so beautiful, that when you scrunch up your eyes you can almost see magic and romance shooting out like sparks.

Creating a whole world of garden romance isn’t a theme that comes easily. Dancing the line between whimsical and elegance means you wake up in the middle night with new ideas that start to take on a life of their own. It means pretending a birch log is really butter and a skill saw is just a dinner knife, so you can design a custom arch. It means swathing peonies and garden roses with the perfect colored ribbon, all while wearing a scarf and dressing up like frosty the snowman, because flowers need to be kept at the perfect they can look like this on the perfect day.

But it’s all worth it when the last flower petal is thrown, the music starts, and the Bride has walked down the aisle. Especially when the bride is this beautiful.

Even though later you end up wrestling a tree down a dark alley at 2 am, as it takes jabs at your eyes and tries to hang itself on all the doorways. You don’t mind though, because how can you resist something that exquisite? 

Sarah and Chris, your wedding was a ravishingly romantic bit of perfection.

Thank you for letting Adorations be a part of it. Here’s the story on the couple and their gorgeous wedding from the lovely bride, herself on Style Me Pretty