WhatsApp. Facetime. Skype. Who knew that modern-day technology would find itself elevating modern-day destination weddings.

My team was elated to work alongside Nahid Global Events to design a grand multi-day wedding celebration for Pav and Akal at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton in Orange County, which is known for its luxurious five-star rating and sweeping panoramic views of the coast. With five back-to-back events to plan for this couple, we knew there could be challenges, being that the bride and groom to-be lived halfway across the world in India. I am a firm believer in establishing a solid relationship with my couples to guide them through the design process, so this was a job for the world wide web.


After meeting the couple and their family briefly during their initial site visit and planning trip, we decided to communicate via WhatsApp, which conveniently translates languages, to share inspirational images and video samples from India. This was a game changer to help us connect despite any language barrier. We took it one step further and began sharing a design deck of color palettes I created. I uploaded it to Google Slides to share with them for comment, collaboration; it was a transcontinental conversation. Our meetings occurred over Facetime, naturally.

We had five events to execute for the 3-day wedding weekend, including:

1.    Welcome dinner at Club 19 at the Monarch Beach Resort (formerly the St. Regis Monarch Beach) on Friday evening.

2.    Mehndi Luncheon on Saturday morning on the lawn at the Ritz Carlton.

3.    Sangeet at the Ritz on Saturday night.

4.    Ceremony at the Ritz on Sunday afternoon.

5.    Reception in the Pacific Promenade, following the ceremony.

Blog 1 Collage.jpg

Each event had its own design scheme.  We started with the welcome dinner for 70 guests and created all the tabletop centerpieces and arrangements for the food stations. The Mehndi luncheon was a slightly bigger event, up to 125 guests, where we installed hanging strands of marigolds as well as large floral pieces  to the outdoor buffet and tent lounges. Those were interwoven with all the tabletop decor designed in eccentric bud vases, interweaving fresh florals and paper flowers.

Blog 1 Collage 4.jpg
Blog 1 Collage 5.jpg
Blog 1 Collage 6.jpg

The Sangeet celebration was a grand affair in rich jewel tones with tall lanterns and candelabras embellished with floral centerpieces in deep burgundy and gold shades.

Blog 2 Collage.jpg
Blog 2 Collage 2.jpg

For the official wedding day, we designed an elaborately lush mandap framed in an array of ivory and pantone-approved coral roses mixed with specialty eucalyptus, and Phalaenopsis orchids in 4-column tiebacks. We included two front arrangements leading up into the mandap to balance out the blooms. Then the reception was yet another showstopper. It featured a candlelight backdrop draped in orchids with a textured blue and gold linen from BBJ that became the foundation for the sea of white floral table runners and globed centerpieces, with warm, romantic candle lighting all around.

Blog 3 Collage.jpg
Blog 3 Collage 3.jpg
Blog 3 Collage 2.jpg
Blog 3 Collage 4.jpg
Blog 4 Collage.jpg
Blog 4 Collage 2.jpg
Blog 4 Collage 4.jpg
Blog 4 Collage 3.jpg

It really came as no surprise when we saw this elaborate 3-day affair featured in DESTINATION: I DO Magazine. It was quite a prize to see that press because we put so much into making Pav and Akal’s destination wedding a dream come true for them. And we have to thank the power of technology for seeing this one through from start to finish.

Plus, of course, this wonderful team of vendors:

Photographer: Duke Images. Wedding Planner: Nahid’s Global Events. Florist: Adorations Botanical. Hair: Hair by Rami Haddad. Bridal Makeup: Dolled up by Lulu. Makeup: Makeup by Souad and Makeup by Samia. Mehndi Artist: Henna San Diego. Stationery: Calligraphy Katrina. Videography: Russell John Films. Linens: BBJ Linen. DJ, Lighting and Ceremony Music: Special Occasions. Chairs: Chiavari Chair Rentals. Rentals: Hire Elegance and SYNX Events. Catering: Monsoon Catering and Natraj. Bar Service: Hello Barman. Photo Booth: The Foto Box. Dance Floor: Platinum Pro. Carpeting and Mandap: NFP Events. Event Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Paper Flowers: Paper Ave.

Exquisite Weddings Magazine, behind-the-scenes

Hello!  Here we are, at the beginning of November, and it’s been quite a year.  I hope yours has been as productive and fulfilling as ours, though maybe not as crazy!  We have a lot of new projects and ideas brewing and can’t wait to share them with you.  To that end, I’d like to introduce a new guest writer - Jennette Wilson.  Though new to the wedding business, Jennette has had her work featured in several publications, and brings a true passion for both beauty and storytelling that we think will fit right in here at Adorations.  We’re so excited to welcome her to the team!


We passed through the entry of the country club, peering through doorways and down halls in search of our destination.  Following the buzz of conversation, we continued until we reached a bright, sunlit space, and I suddenly felt as if I had come into some sort of pocket world.  Encased by windows, the room glowed with morning light and energy.  There was an air of industry, but also ease; everyone seemed to know their place in this new world, and their purpose, and was glad to fulfill it.  LaVonne greeted us with a smile - friendly, cheerful, distracted by her own focus.  A well-serving focus made evident in her corner of the staging area, a corner spilling over with the wonderful organized flurry of an artist at work.

EW BTS Blog Collage1.jpg

The request was for greenery growing up along a windowframe, creating a sort of half arbor.  Enchantingly, the result looked as if it had been transplanted straight from The Secret Garden.  A wilderness of ninebark and huckleberry sprouted from the floorboards as if it belonged, and from this wilderness grew rose vines and pepperberry fronds in an easy, graceful arc.  A step away, a tarp lay scattered with clipped stems and blossoms, plucked leaves, and five-gallon buckets overflowing with surplus foliage.

Standing back, hands on hips, gesturing, the designers discussed the overall effect.  A spray of the pepperberry, apparently as feisty as its name suggested, had taken an awkward detour.  LaVonne was soon up the ladder to make the correction.

“Do you see that straight line?”

“What if we add more roses?”  

Ultimately, they decided against additional vines.  It is easy enough to fidget with a creative project until the end of time, but the arrangement was already well-balanced, and in no real need of adjustment.  Later, I learned the blossoms on the rose vines were both unexpected and not quite the prescribed color, but met with a little flexibility and a lot of enthusiasm, became a surprise of great advantage.

I watched, fascinated, as the setup progressed to completion.  Prop bouquets were photographed, extra flowers gathered and contained, and tools returned to their belts and boxes while the morning sun shone upon it all.  We carted the last of the supplies out to the truck and said our goodbyes.  The next step was teardown, but that would come later, after the photoshoot, and after coffee.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.06.12 PM.png
EW BTS Blog Collage2.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.05.23 PM.png
EW BTS Blog Collage4.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.04.30 PM.png
EW BTS Blog Collage3.jpg

Written by Jennette Maynard

Behind the scene photography by Hannah Abad  l Editorial photography by Carrie McGuire

See it in Exquisite Weddings Magazine on newsstands now.


“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”  
― Mother Teresa

I have never known a kinder soul than my own mother.

This very sentiment will be shared countless times this weekend by sons and daughters showering their beloved moms with gifts of flowers, brunch and outings with the family. Yet, there are many of us amongst you, missing that very special lady in our lives, and reminding us of the very reason we celebrate her…

I lost my mom last year around this time; a month before Mother’s Day to be exact. April 2016. It’s been very hard to talk about and something I never share professionally, because it is so personal and close to home. I look back on those last moments with my mom, as hard as they were, and cherish every single second I had with her. And until she took her very last breath, she embodied true KINDNESS.

“Honey, you’d take my last nickel, but I’d be happy to give it to you.”

Those words echo fervently in my head. I can see her so clearly expressing her honesty to me as a child. Naturally, as a young adult, I left home as early as I could to start my life and career. Every time I returned for a visit, I would take my mother for an afternoon tea so we could just talk and spend time together.  Thinking back on those conversations now (and what I wouldn’t give to have just one more with her), I can’t help but smile because these were the very moments that I got to KNOW my mom. It was like meeting her for the first time, as an adult. She was her own person, her own being, who just happened to share her genes with me. If there was only one word I could take away to describe this woman I had come to know was KIND. 

Leading up to her last days, I distinctly recall the generosity and kindness she showed to the nurses who cared for her. She would look at each of them deeply and say, “Honey, you’re so beautiful!” She was always so sweet to everyone she met, even in her darkest hours. She embodied this virtue that I believe is nothing short of miraculous.

I’m now a mother myself. My son Brom turns nine this year and he loves video games, swimming, and visiting Legoland. He just learned to ride his bike without training wheels and now we ride together on the weekends. My most special moments with Brom are at bedtime. It’s the time of day when we all wind down, it gets a little quiet, and we get to just talk. He tells me about his day and asks me questions. He’s at the age where he’s starting to wonder more about me, about who I am as a person. He understands that I’m someone beyond “mom” and he wants to learn who that is. It makes me so happy to get to connect with him on that level already. We really get to bond at bedtime and it’s quickly become my favorite part of the day.

This Mother’s Day, we’ll probably get breakfast together as a family (since that’s our collective favorite meal) at our favorite spot, Breakfast Republic. Bike riding is still new and exciting, so I expect we’ll go bike riding at Crown Point. But mostly we’ll celebrate the holiday by being together.

I wish all the mothers out there, mine included, a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Life is short, and I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I hope you treasure the special moments you have with this incredible woman in your life, who blessed you with so many gifts of kindness. 



For those of you missing your mom this Mother’s Day, I share this with you:

Your Mother is always with you.
She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street.
She's the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick and perfume that she wore.
She's the cool hand on your brow when you're not feeling well.
She's your breath in the air on a cold winter's day.
She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow.
She is Christmas morning.
Your Mother lives inside your laughter.
She's crystallized in every teardrop.
A mother shows every emotion ... happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow... and all the while, hoping and praying you will only know the good feelings in life. She's the place you came from, your first home, and she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love; your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space...not even death!

Author: Unknown


Vendor Love: Photos by Paul Barnett

Teaming Up With Basic Invite

We are working together with the masters of stationery over at Basic Invite to show you just how important details are and how all of your wedding vendors can work in sync to create a perfectly curated wedding from start to finish. 

Since you’re already well aquatinted with us over at Adorations we want to give a small introduction of Basic Invite before we get started on our favorite tips and tricks! Basic Invite has been creating the perfect stationery for every occasion for over a decade and have only expanded their amazing products and services since their start. They specialize in fully customizable stationery with a customer driven hands on approach. This means they have over 200 wedding invitation designs, 180 color options, 100 font choices, and several paper types and card cuts to choose from. Basic Invite even has the option of starting with a completely blank canvas where you can upload a photo and place text boxes as you wish for the exact invitation you’ve always pictured.

We must say, we are pretty impressed with all of their options and their own attention to detail because when is comes to your day of blooms that is exactly what is at the forefront of our services. So, how can vendors work together to help all you brides stay on track with your wedding theme or your colors? It’s simple when there are essentially endless options so, here are a few inspirational examples for you to consider.


Color plays a huge role in weddings… What color are your bridesmaids dresses? What color is your cake? What are your wedding colors? These all too familiar questions go on and on. But if we’re being honest, it’s a good place to start and one that may even help keep all of your festivities uniformed, but with color comes choices and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Basic Invite suggests this; for formal wedding invitations stick to black and white. You can always add a bit of gold or silver foil for a bit of shine and then use your flowers to incorporate that special pop of color. Another option, fun wedding invitations -  go all out! Mix and match your colors and use those colors to plan your venue decor and florals. Here is your opportunity to utilize the simplicity that floral decor can bring. Keep it simple with whites and creams to offset your bright and bubbly invites and decor.


Romantic, rustic, vintage, formal. There are endless themes to help create the perfect wedding day look. Basic Invite has tons of ideas for wedding invitations and once you decide on one you can create your day of decor around that and then choose blooms to match that style. Whether your focus is on greenery, wildflowers, or traditional roses Basic Invite has a card style to help get you started and we have the flowers to bring all the details full circle.

If you are embarking on your wedding planning process start by deciding on one major aspect of your theme - color or aesthetic and take it from there! Head over to Basic Invite for all the inspiration and once you’ve created your perfect invite and matching wedding menus and wedding programs we will be here to pick the perfect flowers to match.

Right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off everything site wide using code 15FF51. Don’t forget to enter that coupon code at checkout! See more


“We are in it for the love and devotion” ~ Adorations Botanical Artistry

Brides-to-be sought their style A-game at a special BHLDN pop up shop and wedding fair at UTC’s Anthropologie location in La Jolla. As an adoring fan of anything “Anthro,” we were beyond excited to be one of their featured vendors onsite during this special bridal event, showcasing a new collection of BHLDN bridal gowns and accessories.

Teaming up with our good friend, the always fashionable Lauren Rennie of Sweet Cheeks Baking Company, we styled a lusciously delicious farm table in the heart of the store with beautiful blooms and the tastiest treats. Lauren’s expertise in dessert styling placed Sweet Cheek’s BHLDN-inspired cake, monogrammed cookies and citrus cupcakes with lemon butter cream amongst our bounty of bohemian-inspired centerpieces and arrangements full of the season’s favorite: coral-charm & Sarah Bernhardt peonies, dinner-plate dahlias, anemones, and David Austen garden roses. A eucalyptus garland meandered across the entire table, adding an abundance of natural greens that lent so perfectly with the Anthropologie style.

Ladies perused the collection of stunning BHLDN gowns in romantic, bohemian and modern styles while sipping on the most adorable Sophia Mini cans of champagne. With so many gorgeous gowns to choose from, the fitting room was a flutter of brides-to-be dressed for their special day. To help them “complete the look” we had our signature Adorations bouquets on hand for them to feel as they may in that anticipated moment.

As a special token of love, Dear Darling, a San Diego-based calligrapher created the most darling name cards for every lady to take home from the evening’s gathering.

While this bridal event was one-night only, the pop-up shop for BHLDN, Anthropologie’s wedding collection, stayed in the store for the entire weekend. Of course, our bouquets and a few arrangements remained for the festivities and the green garland found its home (thanks to our Leo) draped above the entryway to the fitting room in absolutely perfect Anthro fashion.

We’d love to especially thank Paula Luna of lunaphoto for joining us to capture this incredible style event! Want to see more? BHLDN BRIDAL EVENT



Photography: lunaphoto. Gowns: BHLDN. Floral Design & Bouquets: Adorations Botanical Artistry. Cakes & Sweets: Sweet Cheeks Baking Company. Calligraphy & Wedding Stationery: Dear Darling. Location: Anthropologie, UTC La Jolla


COASTAL OMBRE as seen in Ceremony Magazine

HELLO SPRING BLOOMS! The season of color is here and we could not be more exhilarated than to celebrate this reawakening with one of our favorite styled shoots that graced the pages of Ceremony Magazine

Shot at the stunning L’auberge Del Mar by Pam Scott Photography, this collaborative design was with my good friend and wedding coordinator Regina Young of Meant2Be Events, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

As she describes: "Taking inspiration from the vibrant energy of the coastal background, this crisp modern design was intended to be bold, harmonious and sophisticated while keeping the canvas clean. From the contemporary lounge furniture, to the playful overhead floral display, down to the details of the striking stationery, each element was carefully curated to create a chic stylish celebration. Martini, anyone?”

It’s evident our background at the stunning L’auberge Del Mar set our scene with the ocean in the distance and a combination of ombre flowers to die for! This arrangement was one of my favorites to create, starting with our vibrant purple phalaenopsis orchids to anemones drifting into pops of pink with frilly tulips, ranunculus into everyone’s favorite peony, then drifting towards the paler shades of roses, hyacinth, sweet peas and finally, the white orchids -- with such a lush profile of fleurs, this cascading centerpiece truly takes my breath away! 

To frame our tabletop design, we created a backdrop full of whimsy to highlight and complement the overall styling, comprised of oceanic teal chiffon draped asymmetrically with an artful installation of belles of Ireland, driftwood with falling orchids and yellow craspedia aka billy balls. A bar top added fun mini cakes, candles and vases with a touch of greenery to complete our setting.

Taking this inspiration into fashion, our model, Kimberly Daniels, posed in a gown from the White Flower Bridal Boutique and held a bountiful bouquet comprised of our incredible floral palette. 

This contemporary coastal ombre shoot fulfilled our aesthetic game plan and truly moved us to create a colorful spring masterpiece… one that we hope inspires you! 


Photography: Pam Scott Photography. Location: L’Auberge Del Mar. Coordination: Meant2Be Events. Floral Design: Adorations Botanical Artistry. Rentals: Classic Party Rentals. Stationery: Be in Love Designs. Cake: Piece of Cake. Model: Kimberly Daniels. Gowns: White Flower Bridal Boutique. Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Bueno.

Elle Fashion Show at The W Bridal Luncheon

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel said it best. And isn’t it just the truth! We adore working with brides who want to show their true selves on their wedding day! It was so much fun to celebrate real bridal beauty at the Elle Fashion Show at W Hotel’s Bridal Luncheon. Ladies-in-waiting to say I DO dined in a gilded celebration before heading upstairs to the chic hotel rooftop for fashion inspiration on the runway.

Adorations was thrilled to be one of the floral designers featured at the Elle Fashion Show, which was hosted in part by our friends at the Lofty Wedding Collection – Elle Bridal Boutique, Garrett Richardson Photography and Posh Paperie. Krystel Tien and the girls at Couture Events coordinated this fabulous show incorporating the works of four San Diego fleurists. Leaf it to Lexi created the stunning runway backdrop that was designed with ombre pink roses making the perfect entrance for the models, while Compass Florals did an amazing job decorating the tabletops for the ladies luncheon. Along with our fellow florists and The Dainty Lion, we contributed two bouquets for the fashion show; both of course, in our signature texturized style.

Our first bouquet was fairytale-inspired and woodsy in charm with branches, scabiosa, peonies, patience garden rose, coneflower, dusty miller, kiwi vine and anemones.  Bouquet number two, romantic in nature, comprised of blush and white peonies, protea, dahlias and white o’hara garden roses.

It was just so exciting to see our fleurs working the runway in the hands of the beautiful bride models….especially with the paddle signs aligning the first row. Guests were able to flash a little  “Love,” “Yes, Please” and “FAB!” as the complete looks hit the catwalk.

Thanks so much to the wonderful team of vendors who worked together to make this one ELLE of a show!!!


Coordinator: Couture Events. Venue: The W Hotel San Diego. Photography: Garrett Richardson. Invitations: Posh Paperie. Bridal Gowns: Elle Bridal Boutique. Cinema: Anthology Films. Florals: Leaf It To Lexi. Florals: The Dainty Lion. Florals: Compass Florals. Florals: Adorations Botanical Artistry. Rentals: Classic Party Rentals. Linens: Concepts Event Design. Sponsor: Exquisite Wedding Magazine.


Be thankful for all that you’re given and share the gratitude with Adorations!

Now that it is finally feeling like Fall, we are just so grateful to share another year celebrating the festive holidays with all of you. In anticipation of our family’s greatest feast, pre-order your Thanksgiving table arrangements from Adorations Botanical Artistry. We would be delighted to deliver a fresh bounty of blooms, handpicked and styled by Design Director LaVonne Crawford, highlighting a seasonal flavor of fleurs. Orders will be delivered on Monday, November 23rd, Tuesday, November 24th, and Wednesday, November 25th. Delivery available in San Diego County.

Order online at or call 619.255.1915HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Adoring Astrid & Peter’s Feature in THE KNOT

We rang in the New Year showcasing Astrid and Peter’s glamorously modern rooftop wedding at the Andaz, as it was one of our very favorites! We couldn’t be happier than the bride on her big day to see this stunning affair featured in The Knot’s Fall and Winter Edition – ON NEWSSTANDS NOW!! 

f course we love seeing our couples-in-bloom IN PRINT and having worked with The Knot in the past as a previous designer for one of their inaugural San Diego events, this press is extra special to us! As you may recall on our blog post, Astrid and Peter’s wedding was envisioned by the great Thomas Bui, who sought to transform the venue from ceremony to celebration with a chic king-sized tabletop installation as part of their pure white color scheme. Elevated in suspension, the crystal clear Lucite embellishments allowed guests to see-through the grand centerpiece, drawing focus to the natural botanicals overhead. Their mono-floral groupings of calla lilies, hydrangea, roses and phalaenopsis orchids set the stage for sophistication– making this high-rise celebration one that is now IN THE BOOKS! 

Congrats to my fellow vendors for a fabulous feature!

Photography: LunaPhoto. Consultant: Thomas Bui Lifestyles. Floral Design: Adorations Botanical Artistry. Stationery: Wendy Ware Designer. Venue & Catering: Andaz San Diego.

SPARKS of Inspiration: New San Diego Local Art GALLERY

It SPARKS with an idea…

Sonya Sparks always knew she wanted to be involved in the arts and remembers drawing, painting and taking photographs at a very young age. By college, she studied Art at the University of San Diego but decided to major in Business Administration instead, as the art scene in SD wasn’t very open to new hires. After eight years at an international business, Sonya felt it was time to start something new.

“I was frustrated that there were not a lot of art galleries showing local work in a range of pricing,“ recalls Sonya, “so I decided to combine my interest in art with my business background to start a gallery that focused on the local art scene.”

 And so it began that this young lady (and former Adorations’ bride) started a namesake gallery right in the heart of downtown San Diego.

 The Sparks Gallery is home for contemporary artwork from artists living in San Diego and encourages patronage of local artists, while supporting San Diego's growth as a strong art community. Located in the historic Sterling Hardware Building on Sixth Avenue between Island and Market in the Gaslamp Quarter, the historic focus of the building aims to pair old San Diego with new contemporary visions. 

I was thrilled to provide flowers for the opening night of the Sparks Gallery for their debut group show, ONE ON ONE.  Being that Sonya is one of my past brides, I was in complete awe to see her passion come to life in such a gorgeous and unique space. The opening was buzzing with an energetic crowd of hipsters, art enthusiasts, patrons, featured artists and fellow creators hoping to see their work showcased at Sparks Gallery one day.

For me, I also felt like I was on display as our signature Adorations floral arrangement of seasonal blooms was part of the bar setup with smaller garden centerpieces set amongst the lounge tables. We choose flowers in various bright colors for the POP ART effect of our palette.  

As a wedding industry professional, I fell in love with the grandeur of the historic Sterling Hardware building and the amount of work that went into restoring such an amazing space. The original floors and brick walls were restored by hand to create an elegant balance between industrial and handcrafted detail work, and they designed the space so the fixtures, knobs, paint colors, and other details are all vintage (from 1924 or earlier) to fit with the era of the historic building. Apparently this building’s past included a vaudeville theater with a trapeze lady, carriage repair shop and a hardware store, while its inevitable that its future home will include many stunning events, as Sparks Gallery is available for wedding and event rentals.

Sonya explained that they recently added industrial steel columns and seismic bracing to their building, so our capacity limit was raised from 50 people in 2012 (before renovations to the space) to 348 people this year. They’ve also added a whole new upper level mezzanine and interior structure with a kitchen, restrooms, office, and elevator lift to the second floor.

 While the main focus of Sparks Gallery will always remain to exhibit local San Diego artists, it’s possible they may consider expanding to national or global artists in the future but with several group and solo shows coming up this year along with the creation of a guest curatorial program for local curators, Sparks Gallery is already flourishing with a new show going up every month. They are also looking forward to hosting occasional seminars and other performance-based events, such as music or spoken word. Announcements for all these shows will be posted via social media and through their email newsletter.

 As for Adorations, we are so excited to have the Sparks Gallery just walking distance from our studio for inspiration as well as having the opportunity to contribute flowers for their upcoming events.

“I didn’t even need to see what LaVonne was making ahead of time,” remarks Sonya about the opening night florals. “I knew it would be wonderful because her artistic eye for arrangement is amazing, and the quality and freshness of her flowers is perfect every time.”

Sparks Gallery is located at 530 6th Avenue in downtown San Diego, CA. For more information visit or call 619.696.1416

 Photography provided by Sparks Gallery. Cocktails: Snake Oil Cocktails.
Architect: Hanna Gabriel Wells. Restoration Contractor: Wilson Construction.

COVER GIRLS Adorations Botanical Artistry & White Lace Events

Featured on Ceremony Magazine’s April Cover

I knew deep down at our photo shoot that THIS would be a cover.

We were cutting it close to deadlines for Ceremony Magazine’s 2015 print edition when I was asked to partner with Elizabeth & Krissie of White Lace Events & Design.

This was to be their first styled photo shoot with Ceremony, as they were in the midst of launching their very own wedding coordination and design company. Since I knew these vibrant girls well, as they were certainly no strangers to the wedding industry, coming direct from one of my favorite properties, L’Auberge Del Mar, I was thrilled for the collaboration!

Right away, E & K (as the White Lace girls are known) knew they wanted to incorporate a SWING, and I was all for it! This is the kind of work I feel eternally grateful to get to design. The shoot was a representation of that “loose, handpicked from the garden” vibe that doesn’t always get expressed within magazine editorials. Mixing unique elements like berries and pomegranates (which were in peak season) added another level of depth and texture to the styling, which is very much in line with our personal design philosophy at Adorations.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe was the perfect location for this shoot as the natural romantic landscape lent so well to our entire design scheme. As E & K selected the farm table, chairs and tabletop accessories, including that signature “White Lace” runner, we built the swing to act as the “sweetheart seat” at the table for the bride and groom. We created the swing in bay laurel, seeded eucalyptus and Italian pittosporum leaves with a found vintage plank of wood.  The bountiful centerpieces and bouquet were crafted with lush peonies, dahlias, ripe red roses, garden roses, and ranunculus, all in various shades of burgundy, pink, and white with touches of pale gold for an unexpected lean in color.

I remember thinking when the talented Pam Scott took the shots of the bouquet on the swing, that Ceremony would love it! This really was a “fruits of love” moment for all of us and such an amazing debut of two very creative ladies.  I look forward to many more COVER-worthy designs with Elizabeth and Krissie as I know they’ll find much success with their business, White Lace Events & Design!

Photography: Pam Scott Photography. Coordination & Styling: White Lace Events & Design. Floral Design: Adorations Botanical Artistry. Stationery: Posh Paperie. Escort Cards: RLH Creations. Rentals: Classic Party RentalsLocation: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.